The miniature bothies are representation of memories from recent wilderness adventures. 

Shenavall Bothy and Cruib Bothy.

They are for sale. Please be aware some of them have already been sold or not for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

1. 'Shenavall Bothy' "dazzled by beauty" £179
Silver, slate stone
With "The Forge" laser cut slate stone £188

2. 'Cruib Bothy' "glowing warmth for exhausted souls" £142
SIlver, slate stone

3. 'Cruib Bothy' "sunrise over the Paps" £183
Silver, slate stone

4. 'Cruib Bothy' "burns rushing, stags roaring" £119 (30% discount ((fault))    Silver, slate stone

5. 'Cruib Bothy' (sold)
Copper, slate stone

6. 'Cruib Bothy' on slate stone "glowing warmth for exhausted souls" £174
Silver, slate stone

7. 'Cruib Bothy' £130
Oxidised copper, slate stone

8. Little 'Cruib Bothy' "first steps on pristine beach" (Not for sale)
Silver, copper

9. 'Cruib Bothy' on slate stone "distant horizon from the Mountain of Gold" £174
Oxidised copper, slate stone

10. 'Shenavall Bothy' £129
Oxidised copper, slate stone

11. Scottish Bothy £139
Silver, slate stone
With "morning meal while Nature awaits" laser cut slate stone £145

12. Little 'Shenavall Bothy' on slate stone "dusting of snow on the morning ground" (sold)
Silver, copper, slate stone

13. 'Cruib Bothy' (rooms) £215                                                      Silver 

14. Little 'Shenavall Bothy' (rooms) £200
Silver, copper

15. 'Shenavall Bothy' (with extension) (Not for sale)                   Silver, copper                                       

With "stillness before sunrise" laser cut slate stone (Not for sale)

16 &17. Scottish Bothy £139 each
With "waking up to motionless reflection" laser cut slate stone £1145

16. Scottish Bothy 

Silver, slate stone

17. Scottish Bothy
Silver, slate stone

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