Coming from the Highlands, Morag has always been influenced by wild Scottish landscapes. Experiences throughout her youth have led her to discover that adventuring out into the wild parts of Scotland is a breath-taking activity which remains in your memory forever. These memories are a mixture of visual and tactile sensations, which can lead to feelings of profound physical and emotional well-being.

Morag has created a collection of work including miniature pieces incorporating natural objects, photographs, drawings and quotes. The collection aims to capture the vivid memories of solitude and to preserve them in the mind’s eye.

A unique aspect of Highland culture can be found in the abandoned crofts dotted around the landscape, some of which have metamorphosed into the bothies we know today. No one bothy is identical to another, each is individual and unique, as are the miniature bothies in the collection.

It is Morag’s fervent wish that people will be inspired by her work to go to these landscapes and experience the soul-nourishing solitude for themselves. Encouraging people into the countryside will bring economic benefits to local communities and may lead to future collaboration with conservation and educational organisations.

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