Morag Eagleson

Being brought up by enthusiastic outdoor parents led me to take cycling seriously at the start of my teenage years when I trained during most of my spare time. I rode competitively from 2005 till 2012 when university work took over much of my training time. Sports such as cycling, hiking and skiing have always been my main hobbies. Away from sport, my main interests are developing my creative skills in art and photography so I followed an artistic pathway as I felt my art /design skills have a stronger chance of developing into a career in the future.

After graduating with a First Class Honours Degree from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, I decided to take a break and to follow my other dream, as life is too short to do everything! I went to New Zealand for the summer to train as a ski instructor and subsequently I got a job working as a ski instructor back to back winters including working at a resort which boasts some of the world’s deepest, driest and lightest powder, Rusutsu Resort in Japan for two seasons  Skiing has now become my dominant hobby whenever the snow is available. Thanks to University of Dundee Ski and Snowboard Club for reigniting my passion for skiing. 

After a year and a half living and working at Glenmore Lodge National Outdoors Centre, I've expanded my other outdoors instructing qualifications in walking, climbing and bit of paddling. Now I'm living in the west coast at the based of highest mountain of UK, Ben Nevis while working full time ski instructing at Nevis Range. Whenever I'm not working or adventuring, I stay indoor and paint. 


Perhaps there is one important thing you may not know about me and that is that I was born profoundly deaf, although I can now hear and speak with the aid of my cochlear implant, which I have had for 23 years. I want to thank to my never-ending supportive parents for making my life so achievable and allowing myself to be independent around the world without any barriers. Just keep doing whatever you want to do! 

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